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High Altitude Cities

I’ve been doing some map-making, TSC scripting, and spriting this week (3 different things! How amazing…), so now I can so you some interesting screenshots.

The new area will focus on ‘platforms of civilization’ – which are basically miniature cities floating in the air through some magical or technological means. You’ll probably be using elevators and teleporters to move around, though I haven’t finalized the transportation yet.

The tileset for this area is similar to the one for Outer Wall, but changed in a number of ways. I’ve also created a background image that shows a bunch of pretty clouds. Click on the thumbnails to view the full size image.

At first I planned to base these clouds off of the ones you’d find in Guxt. Right now, they don’t resemble Pixel’s style of drawing clouds at all, but I guess that’s okay. Originality may be better.

There’ll be a minimum of two puzzles for the floating cities. The first one has to do with the 7 seals, and the second one I… uh… haven’t designed yet. Both puzzles will be easier than the first one you find in the mod, so neither should really be too difficult.

As you can see, Em will be featured in the new area. There’ll also be some monsters that I’ll talk about next week or so, so be sure to stick around.

Batch Files… and a Puzzle

I’ve been studying the ergonomics of modding, and I’ve realized that whenever I need to do some modding, I need to open a bunch of folders as well as some programs (CaveEditor, Noxid’s TSC Editor, OllyDbg, Doukutsu Assembler… just to name a few). None of these things are pinned onto my taskbar, and I feel that even if I were to pin them there, the taskbar would become too cluttered.

Even worse, sometimes I feel like modding, and then I remember how many programs/folders I have to open. Then I somehow get so lazy that I don’t bother to start modding! A bad turn of events… wouldn’t you agree?

There is a simple solution to avoiding this tedious but necessary task: have the operating system open everything for you. The idea is not terribly difficult: create a Windows batch file to open all the stuff necessary for modding. Here’s a nice little screenshot of a batch file basking in the glory of my desktop background:

@echo off
title It's Modding Time!
echo :D
explorer "<PUT STUFF HERE>"
explorer "<PUT STUFF HERE>"
explorer "<PUT STUFF HERE>"
explorer "<PUT STUFF HERE>"
explorer "<PUT STUFF HERE>"

Those are the contents of the batch file. For each <PUT STUFF HERE> thingy, just replace it with the full path to the folder or the full path to the .exe file you want to open. Now you can start modding with a single click instead of several clicks.

As for the Witching Hour itself, I’m making a pretty typical TSC-based puzzle and a map to go with it.
Here’s a picture (promotional banner?) that illustrates the puzzle:

Yeah… I’m making this puzzle and its new map without first creating the tileset for the new area. So everything in the new room looks like Mimiga Village right now. I’ll replace the tiles with custom ones later, so that’ll add more interest to the area.

Thanks for reading this week. I suppose I’ll give some more time if anyone still wants to take a stab at the riddle (from the previous blog post). Good luck.