Other Cave Story resources here. I’m a modder, computer programmer, and guide-writer. So, I’ve created a lot of little projects that you can use if you’re a Cave Story modder or if you just want to play games. Interested? Read on.

A Lost Land (Cave Story mod)

  • This is another Cave Story mod that I made quite some time ago. The gameplay features are much simpler than those for The Witching Hour, but a lot of people like it anyway. This is also one of the few finished mods on the Cave Story Forums.

The Beginner’s Guide to Cave Story Assembly

  • Whew, that’s a long name. This one is a guide about x86 assembly language. What…? Ok – so there’s this thing called assembly hacking or assembly modification that lets you do many things to the Cave Story executable. You can make changes to the game engine that would normally be impossible. You can mess with physics, modify the behavior of monsters, make a much cooler inventory screen – all sorts of stuff. If you want to read this guide, simply go to the above thread and download it onto your computer.

Doukutsu Assembler

  • This is one of the most complicated programs I’ve ever made. The “Assembler” takes in some x86 assembly code, compiles it, and then patches the Cave Story executable with the compiled data. It offers some advantages like a dynamic labeling system, support for switch statements, #define macros, and a built-in editor with syntax highlighting. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you should read the beginner’s assembly guide first. This program is designed for more advanced assembly hackers who frequently write large hacks. A user’s guide is included with the download.

Autohacker Version 2

  • This is a small program that will let you patch the Cave Story executable with some pre-made patch files. A user’s manual is included.