Here’s a list of people to whom this mod owes some credit.

  • Daisuke Amaya – Yes, this is Studio Pixel himself. The great man. The daring game maker. The innovator. Many other things too. Anyway, he’s gotten to the point where people practically worship him, so yeah, he’s really that important.
  • Wistil – He created the program CaveEditor, a Cave Story modification tool that I could not do without.
  • Noxid – Put together the Assembly Compendium and added more stuff to the ASM functions list. Very useful stuff. Also a great mod maker. He’s transformed his own mod into a C++ based fangame by now.
  • GIRakaCheezer – Excellent mod maker and cool guy overall. Very talented in many areas. WTF Story can be a good inspiration for any modder.
  • Sean McLaughlin – He’s the man who made a z80 assembly tutorial for graphing calculators. I would be a lot further behind with assembly hacking without him.
  • Xaser – Great inspiration since he created the mod Schism. He also did the English translation (well, translation by clicking buttons and figuring out what probable purpose they had) for OrgMaker version 2.
  • Lace – Good assembly hacker. He’s posted some useful ASM information on various topics.
  • Runelancer – The original pioneer of assembly hacking. His crazy hacks can be seen in the mod Original Sin. His threads contain some great knowledge.
  • sshsigi – Created SeaTone, the thing that lets you easily make custom sounds in Cave Story. It’s a nice program to have.
  • Trickybilly – Someone who has always been willing to give me feedback on my mods.
  • DoubleThink – Appreciated by many modders; this guy gives tons of feedback on CS mods of all sorts.
  • Madotsuki – For playing the starring role in Yume Nikki, for giving me a page of good feedback, and giving me the final motivation to actually make a development blog.

Important: If you think I forgot you and you managed to contribute to this mod project in some way, then please contact me through the Cave Story Tribute Site forums using visitor message or private message. Don’t be afraid to ask – if you really deserve the thanks, you should get it after all.

Opt out of Publicity: If you have been credited and do not want to be on this list, contact me in the same way and I’ll remove you as soon as I can.