Welcome to the Witching Hour development blog! My name’s Carrotlord and so far I’m the sole manager of this project.

Anyway, this is the official site for updates and various info related to the Cave Story mod “The Witching Hour”.
Don’t know what Cave Story is? It’s a great game, and best of all it’s free. Grab it here.

Cave Story was made entirely by one man: Studio Pixel. His real life name is Daisuke Amaya. He’s the guy who gave all of us at the Cave Story Forums permission to modify parts of his game. Unfortunately, Pixel doesn’t take too much interest in mods of his own games and he’s only played a couple of CS mods. Oh well. I guess you can’t have everything.

Now, if you’re already into Cave Story or you’ve gotten to that point, why don’t you try The Witching Hour itself?

The Witching Hour is a story that focuses on magic and its ability to represent both human wonder and human corruption. Though the mod is not finished yet, I can tell you that it will blur the lines between good, evil, and indifferent. What is human society and how do we define ‘evil’ ? The answer is not so simple, and evil itself may not be so far from good. What’s the definition of morality? Do morals really exist or are they simply human inventions? We shall see.

I’ve tried to put in interesting gameplay features so that The Witching Hour becomes a good 2d platformer game. Of course, you (the player) will be the final judge of this mod’s quality. Leave feedback if you’d like!