I didn’t have a lot of time either this week, but fortunately this blog post isn’t empty!

Here are two simple hacks that probably take up no more than 60 lines of code each. As you can see, I was being really lazy aiming for simplicity. For each mini-mod, just use the fireball and try to attack something.

(To avoid revealing new content inadvertently, these hacks are applied to plain copies of Cave Story instead of the current version of the Witching Hour.)

Fortunately, gun hacking is pretty straightforward as long as you understand what you’re doing. In both cases, the gun logic and the bullet logic is modified for maximum control over the weapon. I’ll probably add more frames (i.e. sprites) and give the bullets some fancier behavior later.

Well, not much else to say, since there hasn’t been spriting or TSC-ing this week. Ah, whatever. See you next Saturday.