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Progress! Amazing right? I made pretty much no progress on this mod for 1 whole year, and today, we are back in business!

I would like to implement the Braindeath into The Witching Hour somehow. Not sure about how to go about doing it yet, though.

A New Blog

Hello everyone. If anyone is still reading this, I highly suggest that you check out my new site The Zeroth Blog. It won’t be about any mod but will instead talk about gaming and other wonderfully nerdy things. Hope to see you there.

Quick Gun Modding

I didn’t have a lot of time either this week, but fortunately this blog post isn’t empty!

Here are two simple hacks that probably take up no more than 60 lines of code each. As you can see, I was being really lazy aiming for simplicity. For each mini-mod, just use the fireball and try to attack something.

(To avoid revealing new content inadvertently, these hacks are applied to plain copies of Cave Story instead of the current version of the Witching Hour.)

Fortunately, gun hacking is pretty straightforward as long as you understand what you’re doing. In both cases, the gun logic and the bullet logic is modified for maximum control over the weapon. I’ll probably add more frames (i.e. sprites) and give the bullets some fancier behavior later.

Well, not much else to say, since there hasn’t been spriting or TSC-ing this week. Ah, whatever. See you next Saturday.

Thanksgiving Season

Well, I managed to procrastinate a lot on the mod, so err… no real content updates this week. Happy Thanksgiving to all you American folks, and happy belated Thanksgiving to all you Canadians who celebrated it more than a month ago.

What am I gonna do next? Probably boss modification or weapon modification. As soon as I figure out how to finish all my obligations for the holiday season and university finals, that is. Have a nice time everyone.

Locksmith Puzzle

I was afraid that I wouldn’t have anything to show today, but I managed to scrap together something a few hours before this blog post. Here’s a new puzzle, based on a gigantic combination lock.

You have to choose four 1-digit numbers, where each number is different. For example, 8673 is a valid combination, but 4077 is not (the 7 is repeated). The order of the numbers does not matter. Choose the right ones, and the lock will open. Otherwise, just try again.

If I did the math right, there are 210 possible combinations, so pure trial and error would not be very feasible. Fortunately, you will be able to see the inner mechanisms of the lock change after you choose each number. With some logic, you’ll be able to figure out a pattern and therefore get the solution.

Originally, I was planning to have a very simple puzzle where all you had to do was memorize some values, but of course that wouldn’t be very interesting. This new version is more difficult than the 7 seals puzzle, but it should be doable.

It’s actually possible to figure out the solution just by looking at the screenshot I’ve given here. It seems like there are two solutions, but there’s actually only one since I’m evil and some of the mechanisms are fake. If you have no idea how to approach it, don’t worry about it. It will make a lot more sense when you start experimenting with the lock in the mod itself.

I guess that’s all I’ve got to say for this week. See you all next time.

Renovating Spritesheets

Okay, 2 pictures coming your way.

This is what the new area looks like after putting in the new pillars. I debated whether to keep the “domes” of the pillars or not, and well… they’re still here to stay, with a new look to boot.

Next, I’ll show you how the giant bee from the first area got transformed into a sort of megalithic beetle. Here you go:

This creature replaces the bee, since the original sprite had those compound eyes that look nothing like Pixel’s rendition of beetles and insects. I feel that this new sprite is more of what I want.

Well, that’s about all I’ve got for image improvement. I don’t suppose I can stretch this post out any longer, but if you come next week you’ll be able to view more content. Cheers!